What does corona mean for your pension?

12 March 2020

The world is still controlled by the coronavirus (COVID-19). This has consequences in many areas. You can read here what this means for your pension.

No restriction in coverage due to the coronavirus
In your pension plan with LifeSight you are insured in case you become incapacitated for work or die. This is also the case if you become incapacitated for work or die due to the corona virus. The classification of countries and regions as an increased risk area due to the coronavirus has no implications for the insurance coverages with LifeSight. The insurance coverage for death and disability as a consequence of contracting the coronavirus is therefore not excluded in any way.

Declining stock markets
The stock market has been affected recently due to the corona crisis. The value of the investments in your pension capital may have decreased. If you want to know more about this, please consult this page.

Retire soon
The corona crisis can also affect people who are about to retire. The value of the pension capital may be lower. The conditions of insurers that offer you a pension may also have changed. Are you retiring soon? Then you may want to take another good look at the possibilities.

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