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LifeSight stops investing in Russia

11 April 2022

At LifeSight members accrue pension by means of investing. Because of the invasion of Russia in Ukraine, LifeSight has decided to stop investing in Russia. 

How does investing with LifeSight work again?

The pension capital of LifeSight members is invested in several investment funds. We align the investments with a member’s personal situation. If a member is relatively young, then this member automatically invests more in the Rendement fund, which is targeted at achieving a high return. These returns are needed to accrue a sufficient pension. As the retirement date approaches, more is invested in the Matching funds, which have a defensive nature. But the expected return of the Matching funds is also lower.

LifeSight stops investing in Russia

Only the LifeSight Rendement fund invests in Russian stocks and bonds. LifeSight uses index funds in its Rendement fund. This means that the investments in these funds are composed in such a way that they reflect the global financial markets. When Russia invaded Ukraine, the LifeSight Rendement fund invested approximately 0.8% in Russian stocks and bonds. Currently, it is not possible to trade in these stocks and bonds. Nor it is not possible to price these Russian stocks and bonds now. Therefore, the index funds use a value of zero for the Russian stocks and bonds.

Because of the invasion in Ukraine, LifeSight decided to stop investing in Russia and Belarus. The Russian investments that LifeSight already has will be sold if possible.

Due to the wide spread of the investments, the impact of the investments in Russia on the investment return is small.

What does this mean for the pensions of LifeSight members?

Members can find their personal investment mix under My investments on MijnLifeSight, their personal pension portal. There they can see which percentage is invested in the LifeSight Return fund and which percentage in the LifeSight Matching funds. Members can also find their personal return there. In the Dashboard, they can see a forecast of the expected pension benefit.

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