Developments LifeSight 2021

20 December 2021

Risk research 2021

In the summer of 2021, LifeSight conducted a study into the risk preferences of the participants. LifeSight conducts this research to gain insight into the extent to which our participants are willing and able to run investment risks in order to achieve the expected income on the retirement date. The research into the risk preferences of the participants is carried out by LifeSight once every 2 years. The first study was done in 2019.

The research conducted in 2021 shows that participants are willing to accept – to a limited extent – more investment risks than LifeSight currently assumes. This gives LifeSight the opportunity to slightly increase the risk of the investments. We are currently examining whether a possible increase in the risk of the investments also leads to a higher expected pension under various scenarios. In 2022 it will be clear whether the results of the research will also lead to an adjustment of our investment mixes (lifecycles).

More information about the research into the risk preferences can be found at

Contribution to the Trees for All Foundation

To encourage participation in the risk research and to contribute to a green and healthy earth, LifeSight will donate an amount to the Trees for All Foundation. The amount of this amount is linked to the number of people who participated in the survey.

The questionnaire was completed by 7% of the participants. Based on this, the donation to the Trees for All Foundation is € 350. LifeSight decided to increase the donation to € 500. With this amount 100 trees will be planted.

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