Developments LifeSight 2020

07 October 2020

Until now, 2020 has been a special year in many respects. LifeSight has been busy this year and has implemented some additions to the participant portal (MijnLifeSight). In this message, we briefly inform you about these additions and other developments at LifeSight. More information can be found at

  1. Uniform Calculation Method (URM) on MijnLifeSight
    The Dutch government has introduced a new method for calculating your expected retirement income. All pension providers must calculate and communicate the pension in this way, so that it becomes more transparent for you as a participant. This calculation method is now available on MijnLifeSight.
  2. Uniform Pension Overview 2020 (UPO)
    You are receiving your Uniform Pension Overview UPO) from us every year. In August or September you received your UPO 2020. The calculations on the UPO 2020 are based on the Uniform Calculation Method (URM). At you will find an overview of the changes to the UPO compared to previous years.
  3. Forecast pension capital
    In addition to your expected pension income, you can now also find a forecast of your pension capital on your retirement date on MijnLifeSight. You can find this on the page “My investments” on MijnLifeSight.
  4. Determination risk profile
    When you make investment choices, we always check whether the choices you make match your risk profile. We determine this risk profile on the basis of a questionnaire. From now on you can determine your personal risk profile at any time via MijnLifeSight. This profile is an estimate of how much risk you can and want to take with your investments for your pension at LifeSight. If your risk profile does not match your investments, we will make a proposal for an adjusted investment mix.
  5. Historical returns
    On MijnLifeSight you have the option to view the return on your pension capital. We show this return per year that you participated in the LifeSight pension scheme. You can find this return on the page “My investments” on MijnLifeSight.
  6. Pension Stabiliser
    If your employer has selected this option offered by LifeSight, a new investment option is available. This option offers you more certainty about the level of your expected retirement income. We call this option the Pension Stabiliser.
  7. Profit sharing 2019
    LifeSight sets aside the pension capital that cannot be paid out to partners and / or children in the event of the death of participants. From 2019, we annually assess whether the amount of this separated capital is high enough to be paid out to the participants of LifeSight. If this is the case, you receive an extra deposit in your pension capital. We call this profit sharing.At the end of 2019, the amount of this separated capital was not high enough. That is why you will not receive an extra deposit. The capital will be kept separate and will be included in the determination of the profit sharing next year.
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