Return on Investments 2021 LifeSight funds

Section Expect In Terms Of Pension

At LifeSight you accrue pension by means of investing. Your pension payment is therefore dependent on the return on your pension capital. Via this message we inform you on investing at LifeSight and what the return has been on the LifeSight funds over the year 2021. 

Market developments in 2021

The continued recovery of the global economy was characteristic for the past year. Large-scale vaccination campaigns ensured that countries could open up further and further. Governments and central banks also provided support to limit the negative financial effects of the pandemic for consumers and businesses. As a result, there was a strong global demand for goods and raw materials, which consequently rose sharply in price. Growth and good corporate earnings meant that shares closed the year at record levels. Growth and inflation caused interest rates to rise in 2021. Finally, the euro depreciated against most other currencies.  

Smart Investing at LifeSight

LifeSight makes sure that your pension investments match your age and income. Are you relatively young, then you are automatically investing more in the Rendement fund which is targeted at reaching a high return. The returns are needed in order to accrue a sufficient pension. The closer you get to your retirement date, the more you invest in the Matching funds which have a defensive nature. 

You use your invested money with LifeSight to buy a pension with an insurer of your choice when you retire. You hand over the pension capital to an insurance company and will receive a lifelong monthly pension for that. 

Below you can find an overview of the achieved returns on our LifeSight investment funds, both on the year 2021 as since the start of the investment funds (4 November 2014). The achieved fund returns will be compared to the returns of the fund benchmark, a measure of performance to compare and assess the returns of the LifeSight funds.

All shown investment returns of the LifeSight funds are before deducting the yearly fund costs (OCF) and after deducting all transaction costs.

fund return
2021 return benchmarkSince start
fund return (on a yearly basis)
Since start return
benchmark (on a yearly basis)
LifeSight Matching Kort fund6.7%5.8%3.8%3.5%
LifeSight Matching Lang fund12.1%9.1%8.0%7.6%
LifeSight Rendement fund20.7%20.6%9.7%9.3%