Explanation of the Uniform Pension Overview

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As a participant in a pension scheme executed by LifeSight and elipsLife, every year you will receive your Uniform Pension Overview (UPO) from LifeSight.

The pension income is calculated based on:UPO-section 
“What can you expect in terms of pension?
“What if there are windfalls or setbacks?
MijnLifeSight – legal method (URM)
Scenario sets for price inflation, returns and interest ratesDNB-setDNB-set DNBset 
The calculation date1 January1 JanuaryActual: The moment you log in, the calculation is made
Amounts perYearYearMonth
Taking into account price inflation up to your retirement date (during the accrual phase)NoYesYes
Taking into account price inflation after your retirement date (during the payment phase)NoNoNo
Tax taken into accountNoNoYes
Taking into account an increase in wagesNoYes, based on price inflationYes, based on price inflation