Pension Stabiliser

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What is the Pension Stabiliser?

In your pension scheme money is put aside for you for the moment you stop working. You use this money to buy a pension benefit at your retirement age from an insurer of your choice. 

The money is invested until you retire. If you make no other choices, your pension capital will be invested by default via the Smart Standard. LifeSight uses the Smart Standard to ensure that your investments match your age, your salary and your retirement age. 

In the Smart Standard we invest for you in the following funds: 

  1. The Rendement fund
    This fund invests in a basket of different investment funds with the aim of achieving a good return at an acceptable risk. Investments are made in stocks, real estate, emerging market debts and credits.
  1. The Matching funds: Long and Short
    As you get older and closer to your retirement age, you will invest more and more in the Matching funds. In these funds you invest in government bonds. The purpose of these funds is to minimize the risk of setbacks so that you can purchase the pension you expect. 

    Setbacks can arise if interest rates fall or prices rise (inflation) in the period before your retirement date. In case of a lower interest rate, insurers ask more capital for the same pension benefit. The purchase of a pension benefit is more expensive in case of a lower interest rate. And with increasing inflation, you can buy less with the same pension benefit, because everything becomes more expensive.

    The Matching Funds offer you protection, because the return is linked as much as possible to the rate that insurers use to convert your capital into a monthly payment. We also ensure that your capital moves with the development of prices. If prices rise, your capital will increase and you can purchase a higher pension benefit from an insurer.

It is possible to invest differently than based on the Smart Standard. One of the possible choices is the Pension Stabiliser. If you choose the Pension Stabiliser, we will no longer invest in the LifeSight Rendement fund. With the Pension Stabiliser you only invest in the Matching funds. With this we try to follow the rates of the insurer and the development of prices. We cannot guarantee this, but you do have good protection.

Whether the Pension Stabiliser is available to you depends on the agreements your employer has made with us about this. You can find these agreements in the pension rules. On your participant portal – we only show the choices you can make. It is possible that your employer has not agreed on the Pension Stabiliser. If this is the case, then you cannot choose ​​for the Pension Stabiliser.

Why choose the Pension Stabiliser? 


  • You have more certainty about the amount and purchasing power of your income when you retire. 
  • You are better protected against falling interest rates and rising prices.
  • Your pension will not be affected by falling share prices.
  • You are free to leave the Pension Stabiliser in the meantime.


  • The Pension Stabiliser offers you protection, but the amount and purchasing power of your pension is still not guaranteed. 
  • You no longer invest in shares and other investments with a high expected return.
  • If you invest in the Pension Stabiliser for a longer period, your pension is expected to be lower.
  • You cannot combine the Pension Stabiliser with the options of Smart Investing, Self Investing or preparing for a variable benefit. For these choices, see the information on this website.
  • You are personally responsible for ensuring that the risk of the Pension Stabiliser matches your personal situation (risk profile). When you choose the Pension Stabiliser, LifeSight determines whether the risk you are willing and able to take is appropriate for the Pension Stabiliser. If this is not the case, we recommend not to choose the Pension Stabiliser.

When is the Pension Stabiliser suitable?

There are advantages and disadvantages to choosing the Pension Stabiliser. Whether it suits you depends on what you find important. And your financial situation, now and in the future. 

Below you can see in which situations the Pension Stabiliser is or is not suitable for you. 

What other options are there for your investments?

If you want to choose more certainty by accepting a lower expected pension income, you can also adjust the investment risk in other ways.

  • By choosing Smart Investing and choose for a lower expected income. We will then adjust your investments and reduce your risks. You will then reduce your investments in the Rendement fund sooner and faster than in the Smart Standard. This does mean that, in contrast to the Pension Stabiliser, you still take a partial risk when stock markets fall.
  • By choosing Self Investing and choose funds with less investment risk, such as the BlackRock Institutional Euro Liquidity Fund. This does mean that, unlike the Pension Stabiliser, you are not protected against falling interest rates and rising inflation.

How do you choose the Pension Stabiliser?

If you do not make a choice, we will invest for you on the basis of the Smart Standard.

On the Dashboard of MijnLifeSight you can adjust your investments via the arrow “Adjust investments” in the tile “Your pension investments”. Via the button “What choices do you have?” you can then open the options menu for the Pension Stabiliser. Whether this selection menu is shown depends on whether your employer has included the Pension Stabiliser in your pension scheme.

In this menu you can see the consequences for your expected income. But also for your income if things go well (optimistic income) or if things go against you (pessimistic income). We also show your investments before and after your choice before you confirm your choice. 

Subsequently, a questionnaire is used to test whether the Pension Stabiliser is suitable for you based on your risk profile.  

If you submit your choice for the Pension Stabiliser no later than a few working days before the end of the month, this change will be processed in the following month. If you wish, you can switch back to the Smart Standard, Smart Investing or Self Investing at any time via the menu described above.

When does the Pension Stabiliser automatically stop?

If you have chosen the Pension Stabiliser, you will continue to invest in the Pension Stabiliser until you retire. Even if you leave your employer before your retirement date, you will continue to invest in it. 

The Pension Stabiliser therefore only stops automatically when you retire. At that point, all your investments will be sold.

How do you stop investing in the Pension Stabiliser?

You can deactivate the Pension Stabiliser at any time via the participant portal. On the Dashboard of MijnLifeSight you can adjust your investments via the arrow “Adjust investments” in the tile “Your pension investments”. Via the button “What choices do you have?” can you submit the change. You then go back to the distribution over the LifeSight funds that you had before you opted for the Pension Stabiliser and possibly before Self Investing, whereby any previous choice for preparing for a Variable Pension is disabled. You can see there that you will invest in the Rendement fund again. If you wish, you can immediately make other investment choices afterwards.

Need advice?

We are pleased to assist you with your retirement choices. Those choices can have major financial implications. Our guidance is only about your pension plan with LifeSight. Whether a choice is right for you naturally depends on your entire personal situation. Now and in the future. Have you thought about asking an advisor? They can give you an overview of all your financial affairs. And help you make the most appropriate choices.