Outgoing Value Transfer

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What is outgoing value transfer?

Do you have a new employer and are you accruing pension there? Then you can take the pension you accrued with LifeSight with you. We call this outgoing value transfer. If you choose this option, your pension capital with LifeSight will be added to the pension that you accrue with your new employer.

You can choose yourself whether you want to transfer the LifeSight pension. Only in the case of a small pension it is legally stipulated that LifeSight may decide to transfer your accrued pension. A small pension is a pension that is lower than € 594.89 (2023). If your accrued pension with LifeSight is lower than this amount, LifeSight will automatically transfer your pension.

If you have accrued pension with other previous employers, you can still choose to transfer this to the new organization that arranges your pension with your new employer. You can also choose to transfer some pensions and others not.

Why outgoing value transfer?


  • Your pension may be more secure with your new employer.
    The amount of the pension that you will receive with LifeSight from the retirement date is not yet certain. The pension is only purchased on the retirement date. The amount of your pension depends on the value of your investments, the interest rate and the rate that the insurer uses.
  • You have your pension in one place, which gives you a better overview. And you will only receive messages from one organization.


  • With LifeSight, your pension can decrease or increase by investing. You may get a higher return with LifeSight than in the pension scheme of your new employer. This will result in a higher pension.
  • You may have fewer choices in your pension scheme with your new employer. For example, how you can invest. But also pay attention to the options you have for the commencement date of your pension and for converting partner’s pension into extra retirement pension.

When is outgoing value transfer suitable?

There are pros and cons to outgoing value transfers. Whether it suits you depends on what you find important. First do the research as explained above in the section “Who is outgoing value transfer intended for?”.

Below you can see in which situations incoming value transfer is or is not suitable for you. 

Which alternatives are there?

An alternative is that you leave the pension accrued with your previous employer with LifeSight.

How do you arrange outgoing value transfer?

You can request value transfer via the organization that arranges your new employer’s pension. This organization will request the value of the pension accrued with LifeSight from us.

This organization will provide an offer based on the information provided by LifeSight. Here you can see what processing the value transfer means for you. If you agree, the new organization will continue to arrange your pension for you.

You can also request a value transfer for several previous pensions.

If you have accrued pension with other previous employers, you can still request a value transfer for this.

If you do not request a value transfer, we will not initiate an outgoing value transfer ourselves. Your pension will then remain with LifeSight. An exception to this is if it concerns a small pension, which is a pension lower than € 594.89 (2023). In that case, we will automatically transfer your accrued pension with LifeSight to the organization that arranges the pension of your new employer.

Need advice?

We are pleased to assist you with your retirement choices. Those choices can have major financial implications. Our guidance is only about your pension plan with LifeSight. Whether a choice is right for you naturally depends on your entire personal situation. Now and in the future. Have you thought about asking an advisor? They can give you an overview of all your financial affairs. And help you make the most appropriate choices.