Remuneration Policy at LifeSight

Header Remuneration Policy

LifeSight has drawn up a remuneration policy, which describes the objective, target groups, principles and implementation of the remuneration policy. In this way, LifeSight fulfills the requirements imposed on the remuneration policy on the basis of the Financial Supervision Act (Wft). Directors and members of the Supervisory Board of LifeSight only receive a fixed remuneration. The fixed remuneration is in reasonable proportion to the responsibility borne, the requirements of the position and the estimated time required. No person working under the responsibility of LifeSight receives a total annual remuneration of more than 1 million euros or a variable remuneration. Sustainability risks do not play a role in determining remuneration and are not integrated into LifeSight’s remuneration policy. LifeSight ensures that its outsourcing partners meet the criteria that LifeSight has set with regard to the remuneration policy.

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