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LifeSight meets the growing demand for flexible and modern pension plans for organizations with 25 or more employees. It is a unique proposition based on a personal investment solution, smart and comprehensible communication and best in class execution. LifeSight is housed in a separate Foundation with an independent board. We work with the best partners in the areas of administration, asset management and insurance to achieve optimum added value for our customers.

LifeSight Board of Trustees
and Board

LifeSight in the Netherlands has a separate legal entity with an experienced, independent board and supervisory board, consisting of experienced professionals. In this way we prevent any form of conflict of interest.

The Board

Rolf Kooijman

Rolf Kooijman

Rolf Kooijman is a registered accountant and completed accountant and completed a master’s degree at Nyenrode Business University in 2016. He also followed the Pensions level B degree programme. He has broad managerial experience within the financial sector in areas such as risk management and asset management. Kooijman was formerly a member of the executive board and CFO of KAS BANK, and financial director at Delta Lloyd. Previously he worked in various management and executive positions at NCM / Atradius.

Annemiek Vollenbroek

Annemiek Vollenbroek is a lawyer, and director and owner of PlusValenza, a consultancy firm within the financial services sector. She is currently also a board member of Kring van Pensioenspecialisten (KPS) a discussion platform for pension professionals in the Netherlands, and has been a member or chair of various review committees, including that of Stichting Pensioenfonds Philips which administers pensions for Philips employees in the Netherlands. She previously held the role of Senior Pension Consultant at Watson Wyatt, and was head of SNS Real insurance’s fiscal and legal advisory bureau.

Annemiek Vollenbroek
Mark Goossens

Mark Goossens

Mark Goossens studied business economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam. After that he started working in the financial sector and completed the CFA / RBA programme at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Mark has extensive experience with institutional asset management and pension insurance within ING and Nationale-Nederlanden. He has held various management roles and recently worked as a commercial director in the pension business within Nationale-Nederlanden.

Supervisory board

Judith Scherrenberg

Judith Scherrenberg holds a master’s in pensions and life assurance and is Managing Partner at Edmond Halley pension management. She plays an active and leading role in various pension-related committees and working groups such as CDFD’s test standards committee, the working group for the review of pension competence structure, and the working group on pension permits. She has a wide range of experience thanks to her extensive experience advising various stakeholders within the pension sector, including insurers, pension providers, employers, majority shareholders, the self-employed and private individuals. She also regularly lectures at, among others, Financieel College and D&O.

Judith Scherrenberg
Eliane Kuiper

Eliane Kuiper

Eliane Kuiper has worked in the financial sector for more than 25 years. As an HR executive at ABN AMRO and RBS, she was responsible for the development and implementation of HR strategy for Europe and for a globally operating business unit. She was also a non-executive director of Pensioenfonds RBS Nederland until it merged with Centraal Beheer APF. Since then she has been a member of the stakeholder body of the RBS circle within the APF. Since 2018 she has also been a board member of the Stadsschouwburg Velsen.

Guus Stoelinga RA

Since 1991, Guus Stoelinga RA has worked in various management positions at LeasePlan Corporation, and since 2007 as Chief Financial Officer. He is also Chairman of the Board of Stichting Almeerse Theaters. Previously, Stoelinga held the position of Financial Director at Auto Lease Holland. As a partner at KPMG he focused on the financial services sector and was involved in various activities in the field of external audits. He also worked as a controller at Banque Paribas Nederland BV.

Guus Stoelinga

The LifeSight team

Edwin Van Den Oever

Edwin van den Oever

Edwin van den Oever is Director of LifeSight and together with the board responsible for services in the Netherlands. Previously he was Sales and Business Manager at LifeSight for three years. Van den Oever also gained experience at Nationale-Nederlanden in strategic issues regarding employment conditions, insurance and implementation. He has always focused on increasing engagement, satisfaction and interaction with clients through the use of technology. Van den Oever studied business administration at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and also strategic sales and account management at the Institute for Sales and Account Management (ISAM) at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Arjan van der Voort

Arjan van der Voort is Account Manager at LifeSight and co-responsible for the service to our customers. Previously he worked as a consultant in the field of pensions and income protection at the intermediary. Arjan advised employers on the introduction or modification of pension schemes and the communication of the content and options within the pension scheme. Arjan studied Management Economics and Law at HES in Rotterdam and is in the possession of WFT Advisor Pension, Income and Assets.

Profiel foto Arjan Van Der Voort

Jasper Spoorendonk

Jasper Spoorendonk is Account Manager at LifeSight and co-responsible for the service to our customers. He helps clients with the implementation of their pension plan and the communication towards the employees. Previously, Jasper worked at a consultant in the field of pensions. He advised employers on introducing or changing pension plans and the communication of the content and options within the pension plan. Jasper studied psychology at Leiden University and is in possession of WFT Pension and Capital.

Bart Snijder

Bart Snijder is Sales manager at LifeSight and co-responsible for the commercial services to our customers, prospects and advisors. Previously he was active within LifeSight Netherlands as Account Manager for 5 years. Before that he worked for almost 7 years as a consultant in the field of pensions within Willis Towers Watson. Bart studied econometrics at Erasmus University Rotterdam and is Actuary AG. He completed the Executive Master of Actuarial Science (EMAS) program at the Actuarial Institute Utrecht.

Bart Snijder
Ellen Van Wijngaarden

Ellen van Wijngaarden

As an account manager at LifeSight, Ellen van Wijngaarden is co-responsible from A to Z for the service to our customers. She is involved in sales, implementation and management of our pension relationships. Before this, Ellen worked for a long time at Nationale-Nederlanden, where she fulfilled various roles within the corporate pension department. In addition to the HBO study Commercial Economics, she has followed various additional education and training courses over the years and she is in possession of WFT Pension, WFT Basic and Capital. Her drive is to make pensions better, more fun and more accessible for employer and employees.

Lennard van der Beek

Lennard van der Beek is Head of Sales at LifeSight and responsible for commercial services to our customers, prospects and advisors. Previously he worked for a total of 22 years at Achmea and Delta Lloyd in various roles in which customers, advisors and collective pensions were always at the center. He is relationship-oriented and likes to make difficult things easy. Lennard studied business economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam and is in the possession of WFT Advisor Pension.

Merel van Krieken

Merel van Krieken is Account Manager at LifeSight and co-responsible for the service to our customers. She is responsible for the implementation and management of pension plans and communication to employees. Previously, she worked for more than 10 years at Aon in pension consultancy, the last few years in the large company segment. She was involved in advising on contract renewals, changes to pension plans and the day-to-day management of pension contracts. Merel studied Financial Services Management at the Hogeschool Rotterdam is in the possession of WFT Advisor Pension, Income and Damage.